More than years I didn’t fall in love again, but now you came and brought a little thing called love. I swear, I warn you, if you break my heart, I break your bone. Why? Because too much pain I felt before. Is it just my scared life? No. it just a past but I wouldn’t make a same mistake. I won’t lost someone, I won’t someone left me alone. I’d love too much, but this heart close of tears. Age, the different between us, I don’t know what your thinking mind, I don’t know your future, but never promise all happiness to me. I was weak by promise, by hopes, by dreams.

More than years I let my life became so lonely without love, and I enjoy it. Why? I could keep focus on study, on career, or just enjoy like everybody. No one say “no”, “don’t do that”, “come early”, or “hei, reply my text message”. Oh get relationship made me so bored. Really, but sometime I felt no one like me. No, I don’t wanna fallin’ in love because too much scared with the pains, I don’t wanna make up my tears by smile.