Who doesn’t know television? No one, we know it at all. Who doesn’t use internet? No one, we all in this planet has been used internet, for searching anything we want, for example, information, news, entertainment, food, or video music. All mass media has been growing up with us. Everyone knew that we couldn’t go away without gadget in hand. We had handphone or laptop in the bag.

Mass media, always connected with technology. All mass media growing up with internet. it made everything have a both side. Positive and negative view. Positive, mass media giving us all information we want, from the other side in the world , just a second. Its like a lighting when it rain. We can see everything happened in other country, indeed, when we use it for our goal, it could made it easy. But somepeople use it for crime, for negative thing. It couldn’t hiding. Because everything that we created it should be good and bad side.

In this  essay, I just want to tell the hope, the dream that around my head. Everynight I dream about this, I an say we face the millennium age, but I am scare because maybe it making us individual or just killing the others.

I interesting with mass media, so I choose my collage in mass media. Department of mass media, at social and politic faculty.  I learning how mass media growing up so fastly, so beastly, or liberalism. In my side, I was agree that mass media have commercialism ideology, but in other side of my think, mass media should be have a social responsibility. Because the effect of mass media are so huge. It could change everything, our culture, our ideology, or our mindset.

I learning everything abou media, so I have a big hope, dream, I could change the citizen into good society, balance between modern and traditional culture. We couldn’t forget our history, where we come from, what is our blood, we couldn’t hiding our DNA, so we should mixing it carefully and kindly. A quote I have ever heard is “If you want to know people as a nation, refer to the mind and language”, or this one, “Use good grammar, because grammar determines the ‘class’ of person”.

The effect of mass media is so huge, just like I told before, it could change everything we want. So, with mass media, I want mass media could give us the lesson about the social reality, education. I know it too hard to make it real, but in deepest heart I beat my passion to always light as a fire.

We can make a movie with low budget, we save it for the best economic, in our film we can use everything could re-make, the things un-use again. The movie that teach us how to respect for the life. Just like Masaru Emoto, a writer from Japan, he teach us how to see a purest thing from water. Water, a simple thing could change into good and bad when we talked to them.

Just like us, we a small creature in this planet had been created  by God, we should give thanks to our Lord. A success man isn’t what they got it, but what they gave it to the others.  Free style we got it from mass media, free idea we got it from media. If we haven’t a filter, we can go follow like the water, we can’t see the different between good or bad.  I’m too worry about our style. The big point is free sex. It connected with HIV/Aids issue. Why I telling this? Because the easy way we use mass media to get information, it easy to make someone do thing on it, when someone accepted a bad thing from media, it make them did a mistake.

Influence from  mass media spread every side of life, social, politic, economy, culture, law, education. Anyway, it a small side of media, mass media help us to get information. Like I said before, it helping us all around the world. Just like me, as a student. When I can’t buy a book, I can search a theory from internet, or in television. I learn about media, I should update with issue on the world. So, the issue can we use to discuss in the class or when we have a free time.

I want the beginning of future more bright. Because who wanna responsibility beside us? Just us to decide what the world going to be. I want mass media, have a cover both side. Although they use it for entertainment to get some money, but mass media has a social responsibility to citizen in the world.

Sometime in my country, mass media used to war between politics party, to get more voices of elections. I know, it no problem in mass media, because who ever have money, they could “buy” media. Just like a quotes “if you want to take a control whole the world,  just control all information and mass media”.

I hope, my word can give a  solution, and give a step to more bright future


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